"I can be myself here."


"It's hard work, but I know I'm doing the right thing [counselling] for me in the long run."


"It's such a relief to tell someone. I've not spoken about this for over 30 years."


"It's nice to be listened to."


"I've started being more honest with my family."


"I didn't think anyone would believe me."


"You've helped me to get things into perspective again. It's helped me through the crisis."

"I feel pride going into school now". 

" I can say it all here because you're not going to cry".




"I feel safe in here."


"I can say anything here and you don't judge me."


"I only had 6 weeks of counselling before and it didn't even scratch the surface. I really needed longer."


"I only wanted a few sessions because that's all I needed." 


"I talk to people more now, and don't just shrug my shoulders."


"I just needed space to tell it as it is, without feeling I had to protect other people from the details."


These comments were selected with permission given to use them, although they have no specific identifying features in order to maintain strict client confidentiality.