Frequently Asked Questions











What happens when I first make contact?


I can be contacted via phone or email (see Contact page). I usually recommend that we speak on the phone to have a short conversation about what you are looking for from counselling, then if you'd like to go ahead, we'll arrange a first appointment. 



What happens at my first appointment?

I'll take a few details from you, listen and give you the space to settle in and get started*. You will not be asked to elaborate on anything you don't want to. You'll be heard and accepted wherever you begin. 

*(In exceptional circumstances there might be a reason why I am unable to work with you - it is an ethical duty for me to recognise this - in which case I would try to help you find someone else who might be able to help you). 


How long do I come for?


Each session lasts for 50 minutes x 1 per week (usually this is the same time & same day weekly). 


You choose what suits you best. We'll talk about how many sessions you would like to come for. I can offer short, medium or long-term work together, or if you prefer, open-ended with no set date to finish. 



What sort of person chooses counselling?


There is no 'typical profile' of a person who seeks counselling. More and more men across the age-range are accessing the support that counselling can offer. This is a very promising sign that people are taking more care of themselves and finding resources when they need them. Everyone is welcome, inclusive of gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc. 



Isn't it people who can't cope who come for counselling?


No! Looking after your psychological health is just as important as looking after your physical health, although it can be the area that some people neglect until things become very difficult. Recognising that you need support is a strength. Finding that support, wherever it may be, is another strength. Counselling can be a very important part of a strong coping strategy. I might add, going for counselling actually takes guts!


Is counselling confidential?


The short answer is yes, within the boundaries of the law. I will explain this fully when we first make contact as the rules are slightly different for those under 18 years old.

How much does it cost?


£45 for your first appointment which will last about an hour.

​After that, £42 per weekly session, lasting 50 minutes. If you are on a low income, please ask about rates as there is sometimes a space available on a reduced rate.

Payment is made weekly, by cash, card or bank transfer. 


Can I get counselling for free on the NHS?


There is a huge demand for access to talking therapies, which means there is very often a waiting list for counselling on the NHS through GP surgeries. In addition to this, the work can be limited to a set number of sessions, sometimes as few as 6. Many people wish for more, particularly if their difficulties have been lasting for some time, or are deeply rooted in their past experience. Talking therapies are free on the NHS.

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