I am passionately committed to helping you find your own inner resources to help you through life's ups and downs. I fully support equality, diversity and inclusion and believe that you are a unique individual: you deserve to be heard, accepted and understood. It is never too late to nourish yourself with the right kind of care and find a sense of belonging in an ever-changing world. Life experiences and events come your way whether you choose them or not, and how you cope and adapt depends on many things. Having time and space to enhance your own coping strategies can be a very liberating and positive experience. 


Sometimes you might feel strong and capable, at other times you may wonder how you manage to cope. At times you feel stuck and you know why. But sometimes you may have no idea why life is feeling so hard, but do know you want to feel better. Whether you know what's causing your distress or not, counselling and psychotherapy can be hugely effective in helping you to understand yourself better and find a healthy way forward. 

Starting therapy is an important and potentially exciting step; it is worth taking time to choose a therapist carefully. Do contact me if you would like to ask for more details, or to make an appointment to help decide if counselling is for you, by going to the Contact page.

I'm a fully-qualified, post-graduate psychodynamic therapist with over twelve years of experience. I have additional intensive training in working with Trauma and Dissociation, as well as in many other areas including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy and a wide variety of integrated methodology (see the 'About Me' page for further details). 


I work with adults only in private practice. I can offer short-, long-term or open-ended contracts. Some people like to settle in and take each week as it comes whilst others prefer a set number of sessions.

In addition, I'm employed as a permanent, part-time counsellor in a mainstream secondary school, working with students aged 11 - 16.



Why choose counselling?

You might have coped for weeks, months or years with many areas of life, without receiving extra support because you haven't felt you needed it.


You might now be feeling the strain, perhaps feeling unhappy and more isolated than you used to be. Physical symptoms might be giving you clues that all is not well, and/or anxiety or low moods might be creeping up on you. It might be hard to tell those closest to you how you are really feeling. Imagine having someone to listen to you without criticism or judgement, in total confidence, helping you to take care of your psychological health in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  


Therapy offers a unique space - safe, regular, confidential - in which you can help yourself come to terms with past and/or current events which might be causing you difficulty. Frequently people say they cannot talk to family or friends about certain things, and prefer the confidentiality that counselling offers. 



What kind of things can I talk about?


Almost any issue at all. The space is yours to explore whatever you decide is important. If you are wondering whether or not I could work with your particular needs, please feel free to ask. Below are just some of - by no means all - areas that clients might choose to explore in counselling:


Adoption (limited by legal regulations on this topic)

Adult adoptees



Complex traumatic bereavement

Covid-19 and its unique impact 



Domestic Violence

Gender identity

Gender transition



Mental Health labels


Post-operative trauma

Post-traumatic stress (PTS)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)



Self Harm



Suicidal thoughts 

Trauma - recent/historic

Voice hearing

Work-related unhappiness

How do I get started?

Either ring and leave voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible, or you may prefer to text or send an email with your enquiry (see form here).  


Tel. 0784 788 3347 (if possible, please give a few times that would be suitable for me to ring you back)  


Email:  contact@cathyjonescounselling.co.uk
























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